Can changing the sleep schedule affect your health?

While sleeping in on weekend might feel like something you totally deserve after waking up early every workday, it might be quite harmful for your health, according to a recent research.

Belly fat is even more dangerous than obesity?

According to a recently published study, even if people are within the range of healthy weight, extra belly fat significantly increases the risks of developing cardiovascular disease.

What can a regular energy drink do to your heart

Feeling overwhelmed by work and/or studies? Or maybe you have a test to prepare to? Well, before you get your hands on another energy drink, consider what the pros and cons are and what could just one drink really cost you.

5 tips for clear skin

While hormonal acne is very common, especially among teens, breakouts caused by the way you treat your skin occur even more often. So we’ve gathered some tips for you to maintain your skin as clear as possible.

Your bad habits might not be that bad after all!

We all have a few of those “bad habits” that might get on people’s nerves. So we are constantly said to stop doing this or that. But what if we told you that some of these habits might actually be good for your health?

What is the female libido enhancement drug?

After a couple of rejections and years of discussion, the female libido enhancement drug was finally approved by FDA. So, is it really a “female Viagra”? Who can take this medication and what are the risks?

4 health myths debunked!

Today we will look at four popular health myths that circulate not only on the pages of internet, but also in various countries. So, what does the science say about these 4 common beliefs?

Should we eat organic produce?

The “organic produce” section in the supermarkets keeps getting bigger and bigger, while the prices for organic foods keep rising. So the obvious question is – is it even worth paying extra for organic foods?

How to eat healthy for cheap?

Eating healthy can be challenging for most people. But it is even more so, for people on a budget. However, that does not mean you can as well give up on a healthy diet. We’ve gathered some tips for you to eat healthy whole foods and save money.

The foods pregnant women should eat more

During pregnancy it is crucial to get maximum nutrition. When pregnant, the body needs not only more calories, but also much more vitamins and minerals than usual. And while prenatal vitamins can help a little, it is still important to eat healthy. So what are the foods to include to your pregnancy regimen?