eMedCat.com is a free online resource, available for everyone. We are independent and ready to help find all the necessary information from the pharmaceutical world: from the detailed drug info to the latest news on medical innovations.
Whether you are a healthcare specialist, or a curious reader – our web resource is the place for you to be. Let’s learn together how to stay healthy!

Where does eMedCat.com get the drug information from?
We get our up-to-date information first-hand from such competent sources as: pharmaceutical manufacturers, locally and internationally registered healthcare administrations, sellers and suppliers, etc.

Why search on eMedCat.com rather than on a different search engine?
Usually the search engines cover the entire internet to search what you are looking for. This leads to the unrelated results, or results that are not specific to your request. The search on eMedCat.com, on the other hand, is topical and will give you the information you are looking for. Just enter the name of the product (to find out more about it), condition, or symptom (to see what medication is commonly used to treat it). Quick and easy!

How do I learn about a certain drug product?
If you know the generic name of the product, you can enter it into the search box and then click Search. The relevant links will be suggested to you. All you need to do is to click on the link with the requested information. If you forgot the name of the drug, but still remember the brand, then instead of the drug name, enter the brand name into the search box. Also, you can perform the search yourself with the help of alphabetical links on the homepage.

How current is the drug data on eMedCat.com?
The information on the eMedCat.com web resource is updated constantly. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information for you to use.

Does eMedCat.com sell prescription drugs?
The answer is – no. eMedCat.com neither promotes nor sells the prescription (or non-prescription, for the matter) drugs online. We provide all the necessary information for your use and awareness.

Who funds eMedCat.com?
The eMedCat.com pharmaceutical web resource is financially supported mostly by donations that anyone can make, also, by income from the website advertisers, and external sources.

How to place information on eMedCat.com?
Any pharmaceutical company can contact eMedCat.com via E-mail. We will gladly accept the company’s catalogs of pharmaceutical and health products free of charge.

Why use eMedCat.com and not other online health sites?
* Free access to all data presented on the web site
* Complete and up-to-date information on drugs registered in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc.
* The vast and accurate database on drugs and their pharmaceutical ingredients
* Latest news of the most recent studies and promising medical innovations
* The full database on pharmaceutical manufacturers of the world

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact us via E-mail at any time. Our manager will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

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