4 health myths debunked!

Today we will look at four popular health myths that circulate not only on the pages of internet, but also in various countries. So, what does the science say about these 4 common beliefs?

Drink warm milk to fall asleep

Milk, indeed, contains some amounts of amino acid tryptophan. However, to actually feel any soporific effect, one must drink liters upon liters of milk. Nonetheless, a glass of warm milk can be a part of a wind-down routine and can even have a placebo effect.

Going out with wet hair will make you catch a cold

We probably know this one from childhood. Parents used to say that… so it must be true, right? Well, according to a study conducted by the researchers at the Common Cold Research Unit, going out with wet hair will make you feel cold, but that won’t affect your health in any way.

They actually made people stay dripping wet in a cold room for some time, then walk in wet socks for a bit more. In the end, the unlucky freezing group haven’t caught any more colds, than the lucky one that stayed in a warm room.

Sugar makes kids hyper

Contrary to this popular belief, sugar does not make kids hyper. There were several double-blind randomized controlled trials (the only reliable method to conduct an experiment) which prove that sugar does not affect children’s behavior. They’re probably just glad to get something sweet.

A public toilet seat will give you STD

Nothing to cover the toilet seat with? Don’t bother. Normally, the toilet seats are pretty clean. Germs not only don’t survive long enough on dry surfaces, but in order to get infected they need to be transferred from the surface to urethral or genital tract, or to a cut. All that makes it possible, of course, but still unlikely. Bathroom doors, floors, and door handles, on the other hand, are very, very, very dirty. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and cover them with a paper towel before touching any of those places.