5 tips for clear skin

While hormonal acne is very common, especially among teens, breakouts caused by the way you treat your skin occur even more often. So we’ve gathered some tips for you to maintain your skin as clear as possible.

Keep your hands away

If you find yourself touching your face throughout the day, whether you pick on it, lean on your hand while at the desk or laying on your hands when you go to sleep, you might want to consider stopping it. Keeping your face away from your face will prevent transferring a whole lot of bacteria and dirt that can cause breakouts.

Wash your pillow cases more often

All the dust throughout the day, as well as the oils from your face, is rubbed into your pillow for hours when you sleep. And then you sleep on it over and over again, rubbing all the dirt right back to your face. So make sure you wash your pillow case once a week and you wash your pillow twice a year.

If you wear makeup:

Wash your brushes

We’ve already learnt that whatever touches your face should be clean. That especially concerns makeup brushes and sponges, since you rub them all over your face. You should, ideally, clean your brushes after every (or every other) use.

Keep in mind the expiration date

Every makeup product has a sign (an opened container) that states for how many months or weeks you can use this product after opening (e.g. 12M, 24M). Make sure you follow the instructions and get rid of any products that have surpassed their expiration date.

Never leave your makeup overnight

When we sleep, our pores are “opening” even more. So during this time you want to use treatments rather than filling them with makeup and dirt gathered throughout the day. If you know you’ll be too tired to go and properly wash your face before sleep, at least keep a pack of makeup wipes near your bed (or micellar water) and take off your makeup this way.