Your bad habits might not be that bad after all!

We all have a few of those “bad habits” that might get on people’s nerves. So we are constantly said to stop doing this or that. But what if we told you that some of these habits might actually be good for your health?

Leaving your bed unmade

But seriously, who's even got time for making the bed every morning? Well, no need to feel guilty anymore, as according to scientists at Kingston University, making the bed creates the perfect moist environment for dust mites (which feed on dead skin and can even trigger asthma and other allergic reactions). So, leaving the bed unmade for the day will help remove the moisture and prevent dust mites from prospering.


People get irritated when you tap on the desk and constantly fidget? Well, now you have a great excuse to continue! A few recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time every day can increase the risks of developing various deadly diseases. However, according to a recent study, people who sat still for as many as 7 hours a day had at least 43% higher risk of developing those diseases than people who would fidget all the time and simply would not sit still.


According to scientists, letting a few swear words slip out when you hurt yourself (or feel pain in general) is a natural painkiller. Moreover, scientists found that participants who were allowed to swear were able to withstand pain for up to 50% longer than those who were asked to not swear.

Basically, swearing is our emotional coping mechanism that can provide some strength. However, to feel the maximum effect, one should avoid swearing on a daily basis.